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zhonghong bio-engineering co., ltd.

company profile
relying on the china tea brand, which was included in the first group of china time-honored brand tilted by in the ministry of commerce, china tea rongtong (beijing) co., ltd. carries out in-depth cooperation with related tea industry trading platforms through the way of "tea internet finance", so as to form the industry mode of combining operations online and offline, and also investment and consumption, be dedicated to the establishment and improvement of the service system of the whole supply chain and the whole tea industry, and to promote the transformation development of the chinese tea industry.china tea rongtong (beijing) co., ltd. is positioned as a channel company under china tea co., ltd.

china tea rongtong mainly develops platform-type channels such as the tea trading platform, tea e-commerce platform, etc.; tea-related direct sales channels such as large customer customization, crowd-funding, and self-established membership channels. it is complementary with the existing channels of china tea.

the channel types include:

1. platform-type channels:

mainly developing external trading platform channels and professional tea e-commerce platform channels.

2. direct sales channel:

mainly developing customization service for hotels, airlines, and large customers.

3. self-established membership platform channel:

membership platform channel is a new retail business model combining online and offline operations.