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china tea (hong kong) co., ltd.

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china tea (hong kong) co., ltd., is a business platform of china tea co., ltd. in hong kong. with the business in hong kong as the center, it develops the markets in mainland china, hong kong, macau, taiwan and southeast asia, creates products meeting the consumer demand of the above areas, and is involved in the r&d and sales of tea, tea food, tea health product, tea sets, and so on. at present, its main business includes all kinds of tea products of china tea and the local best-selling brand in hong kong: tongcha.

tongcha tea contains eurotium cristatum (cgmcc no.8730), the patented probiotics of china tea, which was jointly developed by a number of nutritionists, microbiologists and pharmacologists from cofco group. with the cgmp-level mode of production equivalent of that for drugs, tongcha tea is produced with pure quality probiotics helping tea fermentation, to form a variety of prebiotic ingredients, which can effectively accelerate intestinal peristalsis, increase metabolic enzymes in the body, and speed up the decomposition of fat. the product is 100% natural, has passed the hong kong standard detection of agricultural residues and heavy metal. it has the fda qualification, free of sugar, sodium and additions, and is suitable for people of different ages. it was awarded as the most popular healthy drink of ol in hong kong in 2017.

with the mission of contributing to nature and health, china tea (hong kong) co., ltd. focuses on the innovative combination of frontier science and traditional tea to share health and beauty with you.
business layout
chinatea-branded tongcha has landed in more than 350 chain supermarkets such as wanning, huaruntang and ofarm in hong kong. at the same time, it has given full play to hong kong's radiation power to share health products of china tea in four places: mainland china, hong kong, macau, and taiwan.
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china tea (hong kong) co., ltd.

  room 703, cofco building, no. 262 gloucester road, hong kong special administrative region