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zhonghong bio-engineering co., ltd.

company profile
founded in 1998, zhonghong bio-engineering co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “zhonghong bio-engineering”) is a member of cofco group, one of fortune global 500. as one of the enterprises developing, producing and selling high-quality green natural health products earliest in china, zhonghong bio-engineering launched the echelon of quality products with zhonghong propolis soft capsule as main product which have been sold well in the market for many years and trusted by the customers and markets.

zhonghong bio-engineering adheres to the innovative development with the enterprise as the main body, consumer demand as the guidance, and production, teaching and research as close reliance, pays attention to technical promotion, further refines the quality management, promotes the talent introduction and training, operates with high quality products, attentive service, and good faith, leads a healthy lifestyle, insists on transferring health and love, and provides high-quality healthy life for vast customers.

since 1998, zhonghong bio-engineering has grown in development scale, covers the service network in more than 80 provinces, cities and regions in china, and become a leader in china's health care industry after nearly 20 years of development. with the persistent pursuit of product quality and the loving dedication to the national health cause, zhonghong bio-engineering has established the "caring, responsible, grateful and inclusive" image of a large state-owned enterprise in the industry.

relying on about 1,000 nutrition centers of "zhonghong bio-engineering home of health" opened throughout china, zhonghong bio-engineering allows the middle-aged and old friends to experience the leading-edge knowledge of preserving health, high quality functional products, and rich cultural life, as health parks of middle-aged and old friends in china.

enterprise honor

in 2004, zhonghong bio-engineering obtained the "green industry standard quality certificate" issued by the china pharmaceutical and health care products import and export chamber of commerce;

in 2007, zhonghong bio-engineering was awarded the title of "protection enterprise of anti-counterfeiting and quality assurance system" issued by the china quality inspection association;

in 2007-2015, zhonghong propolis was rated "china top 100 credible product of health care product" by the china health association for 5 consecutive terms, and zhonghong was repeatedly been awarded "china top 10 credible brand of health care product";

in 2007, zhonghong propolis was granted the patent of "comprehensive lead removal technology" approved by the state intellectual property office, with the patent number of 200310122475.x. the lead content of zhonghong propolis produced with this technology is far lower than the national standard;

in 2008, the china ageing development foundation (cadf) awarded the honorary plaque of "national outstanding enterprise for respecting and helping the aged" to zhonghong bio-engineering;

from 2009 to 2010, zhonghong bio-engineering was awarded the “advanced collective” in the series activities for “national healthy lifestyle action";

in 2013, zhonghong bio-engineering won the honorary title of "quality management demonstration enterprise of health food";

in 2016, zhonghong bio-engineering was elected as executive director of the china nutrition and health food association.

brand introduction

zhonghong bio-engineering is engaged in research and development of health products, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, and exploration and innovation of health concept with tea elements, and take the health service of zhonghong bio-engineering’s medical expert team as the forerunner, so as to lead a healthy lifestyle and contribute to the national health with its own strength.

zhonghong and keyikang, the two major brands of zhonghong bio-engineering, are dedicated in promoting high quality health food, which are based on the scientific research of cofco nutrition & health research institute, with consumers for guide, science and technology for support, and the industrial chain for guarantee.

zhonghong brand mainly covers health food such as bee products with related functions approved by the state administration of food and drug. it is mainly for nutritional supplement for the elderly with special diseases. "keyikang" brand mainly covers all kinds of nutrient health care products needed by the human body and mainly works for nutritional supplement for young people with special health needs.
business layout
the domestic market of zhonghong bio-engineering covers more than 80 sales markets in north china, east china, central china, southwest china, and south china, with more than 10 million loyal customers.
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