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xiamen tea import and export co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "china tea in xiamen") produces more than 150 varieties for 6 major tea categories.

"seawall", as a registered trademark for series products of china tea in xiamen, has a history of more than half a century. the seawall, indicated in the trademark, used to be the only access to the outside world for xiamen island. it connected the island with the mainland and is one of the most famous geographical indications for xiamen.

seawall has won many honors such as "china time-honored brand", "fujian famous-brand product" and "fujian famous trademark". seawall-branded tea has been exported to 58 countries and regions around the world and is popular with consumers at home and abroad.

seawall: as a popular national brand of chinese tea, seawall focuses on building its core brand value of "trustworthy and affordable tea for ordinary people". in the core consumption markets of oolong tea in southern fujian and eastern guangdong, the brand of "seawall" is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people as the first brand of market consumption.

seawall, representing the dedication of yu gong and insistence of jing wei, is a symbol of xiamen's communication with the world. seawall embraces mountains, sea and sky, and connects island, mainland and the world. seawall holds the chinese tea culture firmly and connects xiamen to the whole world closely.

seawall has deeply rooted in the hearts of chinese people around the world, and become the glory of "made in egret island" recorded in the history books. seawall tea once was the "ancestor" of chinese oolong tea to go to the world after travel with the forefathers worldwide crossing the sea, winning fame in the world; now, seawall tea continues to lead the new trend of tea production and sales, setting sail newly, expanding new territory, and spreading new fashion.
business layout
possessing the key link of the value chain of the tea industry, china tea in xiamen has strong control ability over suppliers and distributors. its brands have considerable influence in the core market and complete market channels, among which, the traditional wholesale channel accounts for 47%, the exclusive store channel for 34%, shop & supermarket, e-commerce and group-buying channels for 7%, and international business for 12%.

as a professional tea brand operator focusing on oolong tea and black tea, china tea in xiamen has improved the innovative ability for products and services and set up a system integrating high-, medium-, and low-end products by strengthening to control over the high quality resources of oolong tea and black tea, becoming a leader in the field of oolong tea and black tea.

china tea in xiamen constructed different business channels to meet the market demand of different segments, including: traditional wholesale channel, exclusive store channel (direct-sale and franchise stores), shop & supermarket channel, group-buying channel, e-commerce channel, and international business channel, and has established more than 13,000 outlets.
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