reference news: let the world relive the charm of chinese tea and china tea sponsored the “belt and road” international cooperation forum-凯发k8娱乐


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reference news: let the world relive the charm of chinese tea and china tea sponsored the “belt and road” international cooperation forum

release time:2018-05-30

tea is the representative of the traditional chinese culture. in the ancient and modern communication between the east and the west, tea has been playing an irreplaceable important role together with silk and porcelain. today, with the "belt and road" initiative raised, this ancient cultural ambassador has a historical responsibility to go to the world on behalf of china.

at the “belt and road” international cooperation forum held recently, china tea co., ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “china tea”), the only "china time-honored brand" state-owned enterprise engaged in the tea industry, selected its own four kinds of tea products to allow the guests and friends from around the world to relive the charm of chinese tea which has lasted for thousands of years.

this is once again that china tea products become the designated tea in the state-level meetings since the products of chinatea puer tea, seawalls oolong tea, butterfly flower tea and others became the officially designated products in the apec meeting in 2014 and also in boao asia forum in 2015.

founded on november 23, 1949, china tea is the first national professional corporation established in the trading system after the founding of new china. in 2006, china tea was included in the first batch brands of "china time-honored brand" after approval by the ministry of commerce. in the development history of more than half a century, china tea has provided not only tea guarantee for the top national conferences, but also national gift presented to foreign dignitaries.

today, the chinese tea industry is large in scale but not strong enough. compared with foreign enterprises, there are less brands and the product marketization degree is insufficient. in the face of this situation, china tea has chosen to make breakthroughs and improvements of the brand "china tea" through technological innovation and driven by scientific research and development. now, china tea has 10 professional laboratories and a large comprehensive research and development experience center, which provide strong technical and team support for the scientific research and development of china tea.

we have learned that, on the basis of combining the traditional craft and modern technology, china tea is now gradually building up three major platforms for natural ecological resources, scientific and technological r&d and production, and brand marketing, and focusing on the r&d and innovation of traditional ecological tea, modern tea and tea derivatives with tea as the core and integrating tea food, healthcare tea products, tea sets, and other tea-related categories.

currently, china tea has opened more than 35,000 retail outlets and over 1,300 specialty stores in various provinces and cities in china. in the future, china tea will expand its franchise stores by increasing its own stores, further enhance the ability of controlling channels, and continuously optimize the experience and social functions of these stores.

china tea has won the titles of top 10 leading enterprise and top 100 enterprise, organized, appraised and elected by china tea marketing association in the chinese tea industry, for years, at the top in the industry; and also was on the top in the list of the "china time-honored brand" category in the "2016 china brand value evaluation" issued by the china brand building promotion association, ranking first among the brands in the tea industry.